Why write a blog?

This blog is to provide information that the doctors didnt tell me whilst on my journey through pregnancy, medical termination, PGD and IVF. My husband has a genetic disease that we do not wish to pass on to our child. He is a dominant carrier of this disease and therefore there is a 50% chance that our baby will be born with the disease. In the Netherlands, where I currently live, they can test with 100% accuracy at 12 weeks of pregnancy whether the baby has the disease. They can perform PGD here but due to an ethical committee here (dont get me started) they wont. We started baby making with optimism, I mean the glass is half full, right? 50% can be beaten.. if you toss a coin and get two heads then surely you will get a tail next, right? Once rabbits in our baby making fervour, we now resemble sloths.. After 3 medically induced abortions, 1 miscarriage, a PGD/IVF round in Spain (currently on hold due to a cyst removal on an ovary) and nearly 3 years later, we are still trying.


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