My hair is still falling out, I’m even finding hair in between the keys of the keyboard.  Whilst pregnant my hair didn’t fall out, it was never shiny and thick but it didn’t fall out.  Now I have hair falling out by the handful, it settles around my house and in drain holes.  I even found it in my baby’s nappies.  It’s now nearly 5 months post partum and I fear I wont have any hair left soon!

Nearly 5 months post partum..woah.  Unfortunately time hasn’t flown for me!  The first three months of my son’s life were spent in and out of hospital with a ‘Failure to Thrive’ baby due to having a condition called Tracheomalacia, (breathing problems).  After three months he turned into a real baby, he managed to grow, smile and coo.  This week he made it on the growth curve.  We were so happy, even my po-faced pediatrician did a little fist pump!

My birthday also falls in May and besides receiving a push mower and a weed eater, (I asked for them 🙂 We went to Spain for a week.  In hindsight if we went again we’d do it differently now that we have a baby.  Normally we would fly low cost, pick up the cheapest rental car and stay in a small town where we could cycle and hike but also travel to a big city to sight see and shop if we wanted to.

My mum bought this sailor outfit, I’m thinking Prince William wore something like this when he was a baby? Ha ha, this photo is so coming out at the 21st!

Ryan air, where every expense is spared.  Ha ha I read that quote somewhere and I still love it!  But kudos to you Ryan air..I will still fly low cost! I can book a baby item for only 10 euro each way and stuff it full of my luggage and there is no weight limit.  The best part is lining up with the priority travellers with your stroller and boarding first!  I was curious to see how the little one would travel and he nailed it.  The little Buddha managed a 30 second cry and slept through most of it!

Rental cars are a different story.  A fiat panda with 2 doors isn’t going to cut it anymore.  I need a 5 door, big booted car to fit the stroller.  We mentioned this to guy at the rental company who offered us a big fuck off SUV for only 10 euros extra.  I’m sorry environment.. but I have fallen in love with a 4 wheel drive, diesel, high and spacious car.  The wagon even fit in the boot with all of our bags, hallelujah.  I am now in the process of upgrading my car at home to a family car.

We drove and saw little villages around where we were staying but the best day was in Valencia when we walked about in the city.  The next holiday will consist of a city trip, with good lift access everywhere.  Its no fun carrying the stroller up and down stairs!  We will also need to go somewhere where there are plenty of McDonalds because you can always get your bottle warmed up and be guaranteed of a toilet with a change table.  I never thought that would be a problem!

Walking with the stroller in Valencia

Spain was sunny and the heat made my sons breathing louder and a little worrying.  I consulted my favourite fear-mongering Facebook group ‘love for Malacia babies’ about what I could do.  The comments put the fear of god into me and I didn’t sleep the final night in Spain due to listening to see if my baby made it through the night.  Of course he did and the doctor at the hospital the next day in Holland made me feel like an idiot.  I think he had just Googled my son’s condition and after the perfunctory chest monitor with the stethoscope he concluded, “yes its a tragedy that some babies do die when they stop breathing, but there is nothing wrong with his lungs and if you monitor him you will go crazy’.  On cue my son let out a sigh and farted.  I felt the same way.  Fuck you doctor for pretending you know what you are talking about!

I have less than a month of maternity leave before going back to work.  Initially I thought, ‘I cant wait, get me back to work now!’, but now the weather is nice and I’m not in and out of hospital I’m happy to stay at home and do Pinterest projects and watch baby TV shows.  Baby changes everything and In the club are current favourites!  (OMG, I hope I’m not the only mum that loves this crap TV).  The paediatrician has advised against day-care because if my son gets a mild cough it can escalate quickly to a hospital visit.  So I’m interviewing Nanny’s today.

I feel bad saying this but it is 6 euro and hour for a nanny and 8-10 euro if they will cook and clean for you too.  I realise this is ridiculously cheap compared to other countries but compared to the salary level here it is actually a lot.  I’m not sure whether to choose an older lady who has kids of her own and years of experience, or a young girl fresh out of school with all the theory on kids but up to date first-aid and CPR skills.  I’m hoping for a Dutch and English speaking Nanny with up to date CPR skills and who loves babies.  I hope there is a good one out there!!



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