Peonies and poos

He fixed his eyes on mine, moved his tie aside and then like a boss, urinated all over my face.  As I cleaned his bum and fastened a new nappy I wondered who the heck gave us a romper with a tie on it?  This was a moment where I felt the full weight of motherhood and the thankless tasks I do every day.

Thomas with Tie

Last week was winter in Holland and this week Summer came with a vengeance.. The heat, the tiredness and the monotony has made me belligerent.  My Australian passport arrived and so did my Aussie attitude.  When its hot, there is no time to mince words and beat around the bush, you need to tell it like it is.  My husband declared at 4pm the day before Mothers day he needed to go to the supermarket and organise my mothers day present.  I nearly pulled the car over to get his full attention..

“you what?….I have been waiting 37 years to be a  mother and now I spend my entire day cleaning shit and you need to go to the fucking supermarket! to buy what?  carnations and fucking chocolates??  Thanks for planning something special. ”

I think my husband was a little scared by my little outburst as he surprised me with breakfast and peonies.. and a ring!  wahoo!  I was spoilt. 🙂

Here’s a nice little ditty over Mothers day that every mother can relate to; Mothers Day*


My neighbours kids drive me crazy.  They kick their ball over the fence and then bang on the wall by the front door so I can unlock the gate so they can get their ball back.  They do this more than once a day and it is normally when I have just sat down at the ‘feeding chair  to feed the baby.  (The chair has remotes, bibs, phone and ipad all within reach to multitask).  I normally comply and assume that in a few years my child will yell at the top of his lungs and kick the ball in their back yard.  Therefore I should try not to get so angry.

However,these are the neighbours that sent my  cat to the pound to teach us a lesson to not let her out of the yard.  I don’t know why they just didn’t bring her back to us and tell us they didn’t like her in their yard?  We only found out through their delightful kids that they sent her to the pound because “Mummy hates your cat because it makes her scared”.

The banging on the door continued, the baby woke up, I was hot and bothered, I started to devise a devious plan.  The nappy bin sat next to the neighbours wall all weekend.  1 meter from their lounge set.  It was 30 degrees in the sun and I couldn’t empty it until Monday when the nappy bin at the school was open again.  🙂

Hope you are enjoying the heat my lovely neighbours!!!


*If you like the men in Game of Thrones I’d read her “Fuck you, game of thrones” post 🙂



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