Double chins and thunder thighs


I have such joy in looking at my baby’s double chins and his big Buddha belly.  A month ago his Failure To Thrive turned a corner and his little skinny body now resembles a little chubster baby from the baby ads.  My paediatrician is happy too, she allowed us a 2 hour flight to Spain next month for a holiday!

Spain! wahoo, sun and swimming… and hang on that also means bathing suits and shorts.  Oh no, I will need to wear my maternity bathing suit!  Now we have Little Buddha at home I spend a large part of my day drinking coffee and eating biscuits.  This probably explains my failure to lose my pregnancy weight.  When you wear yoga pants most of the day you hide the fact your thighs resemble the baby’s thighs…x 10.

Pre baby I basically ate anything I wanted and I did enough exercise to counteract obesity.  Now I may have to go on a diet.  I love food, especially cakes, biscuits and chocolate and a diet scares the hell out of me.  However one look at my bum and I decided to give up the crispy white chocolate I am so fond of.

Spring has arrived and my baby is ok to go outside therefore I am focussing on getting back in shape.  I have taken to walking around and around the neighbourhood.  I’m sure my neighbours think I’m mad but if the little one will sleep a solid 2 hours whilst walking then I’ll do it.  I had a blow out the other day when I planned to throw the smelly nappies out in the allocated bin by the school.  I started walking and forgot about them.  It started getting warmer and 1 hour later I’m sure they had bubbled and festered but I was oblivious to the smell.  I even bumped into one of my cycling buddies who politely said nothing!

fat bum

I have also started to cycle again.  Lycra leaves nothing to the imagination and each time I struggle to zip up my jersey I am more motivated to train harder to lose the weight.  I am too slow for my normal cycling group so I started with another group.  I rocked up and was surprised to see my paediatrician ready to ride.  OK, awkward, this lady has seen my husband and I both cry and go through some of the hardest things we have ever done.  However, it turns out she doesn’t mix work and personal life, so it was not uncomfortable at all.  However, I still want to work my way back to the fast group!




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