EPO and the Chartreux

Today I’m thinking about both my babies, the real one and the furry one.  The furry one, Suske, is a high needs cat.  I have never had a cat quite like her and she is known for her eccentricity.  Before the baby came friends and family lectured us on the dangers of cat jealousy and warned us that Suske might smother the baby whilst he sleeps. We were even given a net as a gift to cover the cot so the cat couldn’t jump in.

Suske is a Chartreux cat and is exactly how the breed is described.  Playful, silent, loyal and a fabulous hunter.  Although now she is well depressed because I have banned her from going outside and she has subsequently become obese due to not exercising.  Suske silently follows me everywhere and watches how I interact with the baby.  I think she wants to be treated like a baby as she is dropping me clues all the time:

Suske StrollerSuske change mat

Initially it was jealousy but now I think she is a little protective over the baby.  When I sit  to feed Thomas she will sit on the arm of the chair and silently ensure he drinks the whole bottle.  When Thomas is crying it doesn’t bother her. Her ears jerk to peculiar angles but she just yawns and rolls over for some more sleep.

Speaking of overfeeding and sleeping, Thomas has turned a corner in feeding and growth this week.  Due to his slow growth the paediatrician prescribed concentrated formula that would be sent to us in ready to drink bottles.  48 bottles of Infatrini were sent to us.  My husband calls it ‘EPO’ and if I compare it to my normal formula it contains just about double of every vitamin, mineral, carbs, protein and fat.


I googled it and discovered I could buy it on Amazon for about $5 (usd) a bottle.  Wow we were sent over $200 worth of it and it seems to be working.  The day before we started the Infatrini Thomas pulled out his feeding tube and we didn’t bother putting it back in.  At that time feeding would take about an hour to prepare the bottles and syringes, to drink about 60ml then to push through about 40ml of what he didn’t drink from the bottle down the feeding tube.  With the Infatrini feeding takes 10 minutes.

I need to sing its praises a little more..Thomas now drinks the full bottle and no feeding tube is required.  He has now surpassed 4 kilos in weight.  He now sleeps longer. For the past two nights he slept for 8 hours in a row.  The first time 8 hours happened we woke in a shock fumbling for the baby monitor to check to see if he was still breathing.  The shock gives way to rapture and quite frankly I didn’t know what to do with myself this morning at 6am with all this extra time!   Happy days 🙂




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