Easter eggs

Last week I was overfeeding my baby in the hope he would put on weight.  He has been on the glue diet (his milk resembles glue) since 4 weeks old and this week he was being weighed to see if he had put on sufficient weight in order for us to fly home to New Zealand.  Of course this week he had diarrhea and I was worried he was losing weight!  We have even managed to go through 3 packets of wipes in a week!  I wasn’t hopeful when I went back to the doctor on Tuesday to check his progress.

As expected I found myself cancelling six flights and two hotels and sending 15 messages (cut and paste is a wonderful tool) to say why weren’t coming home!  The pediatrician was not happy with Thomas’ growth as he is still well below the bottom line on the growth curve.  His height is on the curve but below average.  The doctor advised us not to go to NZ as she wasn’t sure what is causing his slow growth and to start more tests at another hospital where Thomas will be seen by a team of doctors. A pediatrician, dietitian, neurologist and a geneticist will see Thomas for more research.  This is the same hospital where I initially had 3 second trimester terminations so I don’t have good memories of it.  However, the hospital (Radboud, Nijmegen) is a good hospital so I will suck it up and go back to see if there is any other cause for his slow growth.

In the mean time we are going to receive protein enriched milk sent to us in ready to drink bottles.  Win!  I couldn’t be happier, there is nothing worse than preparing the glue and then cleaning all the bottles and syringes for his feeding tube afterwards.  The bottles can’t come soon enough!

Today we had Thomas’ 2nd vaccination and a visit to the ear, nose and throat doctor to find the cause of his heavy breathing.  A camera down his nose confirmed he has Tracheomalacia.  This means he has a floppy windpipe because it is not yet developed, therefore it makes a funny noise as he breathes.  This, the doc assures us is apparently nothing to worry about and it will go away on its own from 18-24 months.   Yay, I’m all for nothing to worry about, but then she followed it up with “But if he gets a cold and his breathing is restricted you need to take him to hospital for oxygen.”  Ok… Wow I was not prepared for that.  How do you avoid colds?  Thomas will get a Nanny as opposed to daycare!  (Nanny and day care costs in Holland are similar).

I have also discovered that Tracheomalacia will cause developmental delays. It’s so frustrating wanting to see Thomas smile, roll and interact but he really has no interest!  However today he watched ‘Kendra on top’ whilst getting a massage.  (Don’t judge me, the only English TV on during 11am feedings is Kendra and Gilmore girls.). Typical boy I thought, he won’t laugh at me but he likes watching a playboy bunny, whilst getting a massage and letting out farts.

I’m super disappointed about not going home to NZ.  The thought of another month here with shitty Holland weather is rather depressing.  Not to mention the not taking Thomas outside the house except to the hospital part, etc etc.  I poured myself a glass of wine and grabbed a few Easter eggs and thought about what to do.  I figured I can get all whiny about it or be proactive and make sure we take these setbacks in our stride.  I choose the latter, we will be a triumphant triumvirate!


2 thoughts on “Easter eggs

  1. So sorry to hear about the setbacks, and that you had to cancel your trip to NZ for now. I wish you lots of strength and am looking forward to the time when you’ll tell here about his smiling, rolling and cooing – that time will come! Hope you have some gorgeous NZ wine to go with your Easter eggs… And happy Easter! X


  2. It’s Aussie wine, I cant seem to find red NZ wine here! Thanks, I cant wait for him to be doing the smiling, rolling, cooing too. We have had a milestone though, he has now grown out of size 50 and is now in size 56! yay! Happy Easter to you too!


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