Thomas is here!

What a crazy 24 hours it has been.  I started this post two nights ago.

Two days ago:

After visiting the Doctor for a CTG and scan the doctor decided the baby wasn’t growing and it was better if they took him out the next day.  I am currently 38.2 weeks but the baby’s stomach is at 34 weeks and the head at 35 weeks and the leg at 36 weeks.  He weighs a tiny 2200 grams 😦

On the drive home I am silently preparing my bag, final paperwork and who we are going to call to organise a few things whilst we are away etc.. argh…  We are going to parents tomorrow!!

My husband excitedly exclaims ‘how do we organise a sign for the front garden this quickly?!’.  (bless him, only seeing the fun side of everything!)

In Holland you plant a sign with the baby’s name in the front garden so your neighbours know to come over to visit for the traditional biscuit (rusk with chocolate hail, blue for boys, pink for girls), 2 coffees and to meet the baby.


We decided to keep the early delivery of Thomas a secret as a surprise for the family would be nice.  I have been lying to people all day about how the scan was fine and we’ll go back in a couple of days for another!

I started this journey on the good side of 35, now I’m well over 35 but on the good side of 40!  I am definitely jaded and have dealt with every emotion that goes with pregnancy, miscarriage and IVF.  Yet I sit here feeling my non-growing baby kicking, with a growing sense of excitement about tomorrow.  Its really about to happen!..


I was wheeled into the OR at 9am.  I promptly fainted after feeling some tugging on the belly!  I’m a good fainter so this was to be expected.  The spinal and op went well.  Little Thomas was born at 9.18am he was slightly bigger than expected at 2645 grams and 52cm.  Tall and skinny like his Dad!

What a surreal experience.  I need to get back in it….

*Friends decorated our front yard with signs yesterday!!






7 thoughts on “Thomas is here!

      1. Oh, I bet it is!! So happy for you, and I can’t wait! We keep telling the little Clump inside the belly that the exit is south! Let’s see when he finds it…

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  1. This is a wonderful story. Congratulations! I love the front yard tradition too! Such a great way to share the news with family, friends and strangers. I’d stayed away from the blogosphere for awhile (just a method of managing my own stress) and hadn’t noticed much of what others I follow had been up to – growing a baby in your case! Your story gives me hope that it will happen for me, even if I don’t know the timing on it. Enjoy every moment with Thomas and your hubby xxoo


    1. Yes, I’m glad I’m a finally a good news story! I hope you will be writing the same thing in the future. If I can provide a bit of hope whilst on the ‘getting pregnant journey’ than the blog space for me is more than just an outlet for me to talk out my feelings but it can help others too.
      Good luck xx

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