Last Friday my OB told me to rest and make the baby grow, I was definitely not allowed to go on long walks.  ‘Rest’ is a difficult concept for me but I tried my hardest and dedicated myself to indoor projects like washing, ironing and organizing things.  I am not good at cleaning, and generally anything domestic so this was one of the longest weekends I have had to endure ever.  This past week I have been bored out of my mind.

On Wednesday was my 2nd appointment with the OB.  We spent 28 minutes of our 30 minute appointment talking about what a genius our OB’s son is.  He was bursting with pride as he told us his son didn’t get his brains from him!  He finally decided it was good time to measure up the baby.  2 minutes later I was still on the low end of the bell curve but he reasoned the baby had grown 200 grams, therefore I should rest again and I would come in for another scan on Monday.

I face another long weekend of resting.  Oh dear, I’m a morning person and I have trouble ‘wasting a day’ especially when I’m holiday.  To sit by the pool at an all-inclusive is my idea of hell.  Therefore resting at home is becoming torturous.  I now understand my cat, she has been forced to become an indoor cat due to escaping a lot.  Now she sits at home all day in front of the window looking depressed and getting fat.  Now I’m doing the same, ostensibly I’m working on the computer.. but really I’m mooning for outside and getting fat.

Due to my past pregnancies I am deemed a high-risk birth so I was told I would be having a C-section on 8 January.  However, yesterday I was told that due to the busy schedule of the anesthesiologist we would be having it on the 15 January.   I assumed the ‘busy schedule’ was a euphemism for ‘vacation’ and was annoyed as I had my head around the 8th of January.

I then met the anesthesiologist, he looked like he’d had several big night’s out and his eyes were super-red and he was clutching a coffee.  He explained he also worked at the ICU.  I felt sorry for the guy and then hoped he would visit an all-inclusive to get some rest in order to give me the best epidural possible!  I’m hoping for the nicest looking Kaizersnede ever! (Menacing sounding Dutch word for C-section that literally translates to ‘Emperor-cut’).

The vet said the cat was too fat and we needed to put her on a diet.  Now that I’m home with nothing to do but rest and clean, I can monitor her diet.  I am also watching my husband who likes to treat her with left over protein-shakes.  No wonder she is huge!  Anyway, last night the cat was hungry and angry and decided to take matters into her own hands..


fat cat in control
My Fat Cat tips cat biscuits all over the garage floor


Therefore this morning at 5.20am I was cleaning and vacuuming the garage.  Then, just to keep me busy, she put her head in a vase of flowers and tipped it over.  There was water and roses all over the kitchen.  I think she is helping to keep me busy?


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