When planning fails

Thursday was my last day at work and I felt so blessed as my colleagues gave me a wonderful surprise lunch and then lots of baby presents!  Lunches at my work are great.  We are multinational company where everyone comes from somewhere else, not Holland.  So 20 people from 20 different countries with 20 different dishes = awesome lunch!  I came home pumped and ready for my planned 8 months off work.

Most Mothers take 4 months off work in Holland, so everyone who hears that I’ll have 7 months after the baby is born asks me why on earth I’m taking such a long time off work!  I figure I’ll never get this time back with my son, so I’m happy with my decision.  My first mission was to get healthy for the birth.  I’m going to try and give up caffeine and test my walking theory with an experiment.

My theory is that desk-jobs cause all sorts of health problems including unhealthy pregnancies.  (this is my unscientific hypothesis)  I think I sleep then function better if I walk on average 8km a day.  This could be spread all over the day in 15 minute chunks.

Day 1 without work was to test this theory.  So I prepared my electronic gadgets, -my Strava app was going to get a work out and I was set for 5 weeks of walking bliss.  All was going well until I got lost in the forest (the bloody GPS doesn’t help in there), and I came home after 12km.  I cursed myself for my stupidity then readied myself for the doctor’s appointment.

My OB is an interesting character.  My husband and I have worked out how to manage him.  We need to act sufficiently clueless, openly berate ourselves for being wrong for using google and finally we must throw in a few compliments to him.  All of our appointments have gone well thus far.  Although the Dutch directness (sorry ‘Authenticity’) came out yesterday.

‘Your baby is too small, he’s on the small end of the bell-curve, we’ll have an appointment next week for a CTG and scan, you’ll meet with the Anaesthesiologist and we’ll take the baby out the week after if he still isn’t growing well.  However, if he is still growing, then we’ll just monitor him every week.’

All I heard was.. ‘you may have a baby in 2 weeks’.  My mind was in overdrive, I need to organize the car seat, the cot, wash clothes, the birth cards, the birth party, the front garden decorations (Dutch things),my health insurance and my husband’s leave days etc..

All I could ask was, ‘Doctor, what can I do make the baby grow?’ He replied,  Rest, put your feet up and eat well.    ‘But I have 8 people coming to our house for drinks tomorrow night and I am on a 5 week walking program.’  He said walking takes the blood to the legs and not the uterus, therefore I need to stop and sit with my feet up.

I woke up at 4am again, so my walking-theory isn’t working.  I’m going to make my husband do everything today for the dinner, then I plan to go to bed at 10pm.  Is that wrong to go to bed half way through the dinner?


6 thoughts on “When planning fails

  1. The luncheon at your work sounds wonderful! And what comes to four vs. seven months of maternity leave, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

    The Dutch authenticity sounds a lot like German directness… 😉 A friend of mine who’s also pregnant had the very same threat made couple of weeks ago, that if the baby isn’t growing they will take it out. She’s also on the lower end of the curves. But she has grown, even if she’s still in the lower end, and now they haven’t said anything about taking her out early. Have a nice dinner tonight, and enjoy your husband’s cooking! I’m sitting here, rubbing my belly, and watching my husband making bolognese out of 4kg of minced meat (to be freezed for later consumption, January for example…)

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    1. Fantastic, your husband is making your freezer meals for after the birth! I wish mine would. Mine has done a good job cleaning today ,so he’s trying hard 😀
      I hope (like your friend) I have at least three more weeks being pregnant, if he comes the first week of January I’d be very happy. However I just want the best for him so whenever he comes I hope it is the best time!

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  2. I believe that because the pregnancy is already so far, no matter when your baby comes, it’ll be the best time! We’ve actually been saying the very same thing, that it would be great if Clump didn’t come during Christmas or new years eve, but up from 1.1. any time! Not that it really matters though… Exciting times ahead! 🙂

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  3. This post hits on for me as well!! I am an American living in Germany and yes they are also very direct!!!!!!! I am due the 2nd of January so less then 3 weeks but hubby is hoping I go later, what is it with no one wanting a December baby?? LOL!


  4. If the baby comes in January then the celebrations are later.. the poor child doesn’t get the Christmas/birthday present combo! but for me, I have a better health insurance that starts on January 1st, so I want to wait until then!


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