34.5 weeks stats


Here is my expertly drawn weight gain chart: I would like to overlay the bump growth on the weight gain growth as they have no correlation at the moment!



Did I mention I’m an accountant and not an artist?

So I have a psychological maximum weight gain of 78 kilos. If I surpass this level of weight gain I think I’ll be in trouble losing it again. Yes I should be focussing on the health of the baby not my weight gain but for some reason its 4am and I’m reading blogs about post-partum weight loss. I wish I had something better to do!

So for the first time in my blog diary, here goes nothing:

How far along? 34.5 weeks. (although it feels like the FULL 3 years since I started TTC)

How big is the peanut?  No idea! The bump app tells me all sorts of American data I don’t understand.. It’s as big as a butternut squash, its 17-19 inches long and 4-5.8 pounds. I think that means as big as a small pumpkin, 40cm long and possibly over 2 kilos.

Total weight gain/loss? About 13 kilos. (eek) but this will be confirmed on Friday.

Maternity clothes? Same maternity clothes from 4 weeks ago.. same uniform every day… I can’t believe I ever looked forward to buying maternity jeans!

Sleep? It’s 4am. Nuff said.

Best moment this week? Sleeping through the night.   I have worked out if I walk over 8k I sleep through the night. If I work, then I cant get enough walking in.  Work = Insomnia 😦

Symptoms? Feeling the full 13 kilo weight gain! Reflux and Insomnia.

Food cravings? Chocolate letters and Walnut and honey yoghurt. Although I have always had a chocolate addiction so I don’t think that one counts?)

Food aversions? I can’t stand the smell of toothpaste. Driven by a childhood trauma (thanks to my sister) but now this has magnetised to a level that is out of control!

Gender? It’s a BOY

Labour signs? None, yet. I hope soon though..

Belly button in or out? In. Although I managed to clean a new part of the inside of my belly button the other day. TMI!!!
What I miss? Running, cycling, wine and multiple cups of coffee.

What I’m looking forward to? It’s my last day of work tomorrow. Yeeeeeehhhhhaaaaaaaaaa. No more 2 hour commute!

Milestones? I think I saw a stretch mark. I’m now lathering on the combo of Bio-oil and Bepantherm cream. I wish someone would give me a science lesson whether this stuff really works or not! Maybe I’m spending hours lathering myself silly for nothing?

Bump? Moving. It is really gruesomely fascinating. I was giving someone their end of year review at work, so it was a pretty serious meeting.  I glanced down at my stomach to confirm what I was feeling.. the whole bump moving left to right! That is so not good for concentration,  It’s time to leave work!!


2 thoughts on “34.5 weeks stats

  1. Hurray for the last day of work! I always hear mixed reports if creaming/oiling up does help prevent stretch marks, but I figure it can do no harm so have been daily from early on.. And so far no stretch marks I can see. I think maybe I need to try your long walk theory to see if that could get me to sleep a whole night through.. That would just be an amazing feeling! Even now if I get 4 hours straight it feels like a big achievement!


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