pregnant cats

33 weeks pregnant today and I feel HUGE. This is maybe because of thanksgiving dinner yesterday, or due to all nice things that come along in the third trimester of pregnancy.   I saw a funny cartoon yesterday where a non-pregnant person says ‘How are you feeling?’  the pregnant person is thinking, well, I have insomnia, I’m constipated, I have bad reflux, I waddle and have kankles. However, the pregnant person replies, I’m fine!   I do this all the time.  Please note, non-mothers don’t give a shit how you really feel and Mothers like to know and empathize (and then secretly praise the lord they don’t have to go through that again).  Yesterday at thanksgiving dinner I tailored my response accordingly to whom I was speaking to and then feeling hungry lost control at the buffet just to confirm all pregnancy stereotypes.


I am approaching maternity leave (9 days, and yes counting down) with a sense of excitement and fear. Fear I will be bored silly with all this time to myself.  I have a plan though, I’m a rubbish cook but I figure it’s a good time to start cooking with all these festive occasions nearly here.  We seem to have no shortage of dinners to cook for.  I’m not sure if my husband has, or hasn’t helped me with this ‘too-much-time’ predicament either.  He has arranged our dinner group and wine group to be at our house this month.  He then arranged them on days after he has a night shift so I end up slaving away in the kitchen all day and he wakes up and everything is done! This certainly keeps me busy and I can spend a few hours googling recipes for each occasion.


I’m inspired by Australian Masterchef, I think it is a nice reminder of home at this time of year listening to the nice Aussie twang of Matt, Gary and George 🙂 . Whatever the reason, I’m getting ideas for these endless dinners.  Except there was one concept I can’t get my head around, where your food is all the same colour but the taste is different.  For example a bright pink plate with pink salmon and all vegetables also bright pink.  Clearly my culinary tastes are not advanced enough to enjoy mono-colour eating. -I won’t be making this if you come to my house this Christmas!

Our friends without children are also booking their final dinners with us before the new year. Being Dutch they also blatantly state ‘we figure we better do it before the baby comes and you guys are no fun anymore’.  Awesome, does this mean I’ll be friendless after the baby that ruins our lives comes?!  Therefore all the dinners and endless cooking has helped me eat for 2, possibly 4.  I was surprised at the weigh-in last week I was still on  a 12 kilo gain.  There is still 7 weeks to go and 49 meals to eat so I’m bound to hit the magical 20 kilos soon 🙂

Eet smaakelijk allemaal  (Enjoy the food!) xx


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