The Hypnotist

Around 20 years ago Adam Sandler released an album called ‘what the hell happened to me’, it has comedy sketches and songs.  Some of the sketches he has developed into movies like The Waterboy.  

Although I’m not a big fan of his there is one stupidly dumb sketch called the Hypnotist that I was reminded of yesterday.  In shockingly hilarious clarity it all came back so suddenly last night.  I was 2 seconds away from wetting my pants….

It all started at pregnancy yoga last night.  Normally there are 4-5 pregnant women and we practice in our teachers  flashy garage.  It has super luxurious fluffy carpet and there is normally an arrangement with seasonal flowers and candles placed in the middle of the room.  We even listen to day-spa music as we meditate and I always struggle to stay awake watching the flickering candle light.

Due to one girl delivering and another being sick, there were just 2 students and our teacher.  It was very quiet and we settled into our routine.  We were making butterfly wings with our knees, this involves us sitting on the ground with our knees up and bent so the soles of our feet are touching and we flap our knees up and down.  The teacher is normally taking us through a meditation about a flower and she was up to the bit where it is blooming… Well evidently something else was blooming and she let go a fart!  I snuck a quick glance and the other girl and she wasn’t laughing and the teacher hadn’t skipped a beat with her blooming flower meditation, so I held my giggle in.  Then she did a louder, longer one and there was no mistaking what it was. 

I have never in all my life had to stifle such laughter.  It hurt! Call me totally immature but I still laugh at a good fart joke.  I then had to suppress random outbursts of giggles during the final meditation all the while thinking about Adams Sandlers, the Hypnotist.

*utube it so you get what I mean.  (And then only listen to 1 minute, it’s truly awful!)

*sorry probably one of those ‘had to be there’ things.


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