Midwife vs the Doctor

On Wednesday the airbags were stolen from my car, along with 3 other cars down my street. They stole the air bags from at least 10 in the neighbourhood! Wow, I hadn’t heard a thing during the night, even the Neighbour’s 3 Rottweilers weren’t awakened by their owners airbags being stolen. I was surprised by the care factor of my neighbours. “Oh yeah it was probably a professional group from the east who ordered an airbag hit”.

WTF?! They must have been professional as they left Tom Tom and my house keys on the floor of the car next to the 4 screws and bolts from the glove box all neatly put back together. -OCD thieves? OK, clearly I have been too blasé with my possessions up until now.. -as a growing feeling of vulnerability washed over me.

That night the Kraamzorg came to visit. This is like a midwife that comes to your house after your baby is born and cleans, cooks, helps and teaches you about how to change nappies and breast feed etc.. (Best Dutch invention ever) It turns out she lives in the same neighbourhood. The Kraamzorg then told us that there was police tape down her street the week before because they had just busted a grow house. WTF?! I’m painting a bad picture of my neighbourhood but you need to channel ‘Pleasantville’ and ‘Weeds’ where all the houses look the same and there is perfectly manicured gardens, – and now well-manicured ‘inside plants’! This stuff shouldn’t happen here!


The midwife had me in for the 30 week scan and concluded my bump was small, the measurements of the head and stomach were also small. They were at 27/28 weeks and they should have been at 30. The midwife said “I don’t want to scare you but we’ll get you measured at the hospital in 2 days and it could be nothing, but it could be something.”

Once again I’m faced with little information where naturally I fear what the ‘something’ could be. Thank god the internet forums had mostly good news stories! I had settled on the fact that the best case scenario was the baby was a little small and they would have me in for weekly scanning. The worst case scenario was that the baby had intra-uterine growth restriction (IUGR) and there was the possibility that it would need to come out as it would have a better chance for survival outside of the womb.

2 days to wait for a scan is torturous, hmm what are the causes of IUGR? Malnutrition, alcohol, drugs, obesity, stress..   Maybe my cake addiction has caught up with me? Maybe the stress from my now ‘criminal’ neighbourhood has caused me worry??

The next day I sat on the hospital bed getting the CTG to measure the babies heartbeat. It sat at 135bpm, perfectly in-between the 110-160 normal range. I then went to see the Gynecologist. Not the aptly named ‘Dr Kok’ this visit, but my sympathetic Doctor that knew our story. Our story of how we have generally been to every hospital in Holland and finally was able to get PGD in Spain where miraculously I fell pregnant with IVF.   He measured the head, stomach and legs.. His measurements were all 30 weeks, except the legs which were 31. He said there was nothing to worry about. Wahoo!!

We felt the wave of anxiety wash away as we left the hospital and once again we speculated about what type of athlete he will become 🙂


6 thoughts on “Midwife vs the Doctor

  1. Glad to hear that all is well! My friend who is also pregnant now (around 32 weeks) had a similar scare that the baby was measured too small, but all turned out well! She was lacking a little behind, but nothing was found to be wrong, and she has now had a growth spurt! Interesting to hear about the Kraamzorg – here in Germany they have a similar service, Hebamme i.e., midwife comes after the birth to home as well to help, guide and see that all is working out well for the baby and the family. It really is an excellent service!

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  2. I think it is very hard for midwives/doctors/amazing Dutch new mother helper ladies to be very certain about things. Even my doctor said in a study where doctors had to say where they thought the babies head and feet were and then immediately afterwards the woman had a scan, 50% of the time the doctor had been wrong! I guess the main thing was just to get checked to be on the safe side and I’m glad all was well!

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    1. Even during the scan the baby will move around completely so where the head/heart was would be a different place all the time.
      So yes I understand that it is difficult to measure it. But I’m just unsure how two scans two days apart could be so different!


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