Week 26

 Between week 20 and 30 not much happens when you are pregnant. Well at least not in the controlling sense. After the 20 week anatomy scan the midwives and doctors don’t see you for a scan until you are 30 weeks. This is a whole 2 and a bit months of nothing. I am quite good at distraction techniques whilst biding my time (see infertility posts) so I planned a few activities this week.

I went to the pool for the first time since I moved to the Netherlands. Coming from a land down under maybe I have been spoilt for choice with 50 metre pools, good swimming technique and a general swimming culture. It is the polar opposite here. I think there are about two 50 meter pools in Holland and neither are close to me, so I settled on a 25 metre pool with a good website!

I walked into the mixed changing rooms and silently thanked god that the everyone had their bathers on. My first experience at a Dutch mixed naked sauna was a shock so I’m glad there was clothes here. I then went to the pool where there was advertised ‘lane swimming’. I didn’t see any lane ropes, lanes, or slow, fast, medium signs. People were swimming all over the shop! I could see the oldies loved the double handed backstroke that took up two lanes. I found a gap and felt out of place with my goggles and swim hat. I started my long slow and clearly out of practice freestyle. It felt good, and I didn’t feel pregnant whilst doing it. Yay! However, nearing the end of my session a guy dived off the low diving board over my head and into my ‘lane’ and proceeded to do a slow breast stroke. WTF?! It’s time to get out of the pool. Whilst in the shower at the end an old guy noticed my bump and whistled. Arggh.

The midwife centre had organized an information night for couples who were expecting. My husband and I were interested to go as all of my reading on what to expect has been from the UK and I wanted to see the differences between British and Dutch practices. My husband announced last week that pregnancy was taking too long and he was a little bored of waiting! I hoped that the info night would keep him interested for another couple of weeks. It was good, we watched a birthing video (graphics not the real thing) and then went through all the check lists on what to expect. This was all the same as what I had been reading but when I turned to my husband I could see he was wide eyed and fascinated. I had just assumed he was researching like me? I am so glad we went! Afterwards he asked me if I was planning on breast feeding because it seemed important!

Pregnancy yoga class is a nice routine, there are 5 of us, we arrive and sit around and talk about our check-ups and what number of weeks we are. Then we have a few panting exercises, then a few breathing exercises to use during labour, then we fall asleep for 10 minutes. We then have tea and talk again! I love it! I’ll be disappointed when it is over in 5 weeks. I think I’ll write a post about my yoga class later.

I also scheduled a pretecho this week. This is the fancy 4d scan you can get to see your baby look like an alien. I told the nurse I didn’t want the 4d and just wanted to get peace of mind that all was going ok. He is growing well and was currently in position and ready for birth! The poor wee thing can’t wait to get out! Uh oh! I have the worst back ache ever, maybe he can feel my distress whilst sleeping?  

I am now getting reflux after every meal and am wishing I could just sit down. I now continually walk to avoid sitting down or heaven forbid, bending over and wanting to throw up. Previously yummy saucy rich foods are now off limits.😒  Next week at work we have a workshop that involves pizza. I’m dreading it already!

Speaking of next week, we get to meet our ‘Kraamzorg’. I cant wait!!!! A Kraamzorg is a lady that comes to your house every day after the birth and helps you with your newborn. They also clean and prepare meals whilst you sleep. And it’s all free!    



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