22 weeks and still ‘normal’.

Today I could not button my pants and did the hair tie trick! I can’t believe I have gotten this far without new jeans or trousers. I have definitely got some mileage out of my fat-pants to get me all the way until now 😀

I am currently 22 weeks, this means next week I will be 23 weeks. Apparently 23-27 weeks are month 6. I never know if you count the month at the start or at the end? I guess it doesn’t really matter. I am also starting to get noticeably pregnant now. Yay! I’m still not game to wear tight tops as I’m worried I just look like I have big muffin top 😔

 I have just comeback from the mid-wife. I need to vent.. I was greeted by two ladies who asked me how I was and said they were going to measure me. They took my blood pressure, weight and then measured the size of the baby. The one in training pushed on me and asked if where she was pressing was my pubic bone. I wanted to reply with ‘Look love if you can find the only hard bit in all this stomach then I’m not sure this job is right for you’. I said yes and she announced another set of numbers for the other lady to add into the computer. 

 They then sat in stony silence and looked at me. Do you have any questions they asked? Well yes, tell me about my numbers.. are they normal? What is the range how do I fit? Bla bla. You are normal they replied. Ok, nothing further to add ??? No you are normal they replied.

I then enquired about mothers group. They don’t have such a thing in Holland, but for 150 euros you can go to a 4 hour course called ‘gym’ where you can sit around in a circle and do kegels with other expectant mothers. Even though I am desperate to meet other pregnant women, I can’t afford this class, especially where the relationship with the other Mothers doesn’t continue after the course. I’m disappointed that the only support you have is from a mid-wife practice where all they can tell you is you are ‘normal’.         

 Apart from not buttoning my pants I have had some good baby developments in the past week. I had my anatomy scan and all looked good, I also found out I’m having a boy. We are both stoked, especially me as my family has heaps of girls and it will be nice to see a boy! We already have names picked (for the past two years..) so we are not having arguments there. 

We have chosen a Dutch and an English name so if we ever decide to go back to Australia/NZ the child can have a name others can say. The name will be the only surprise we have come delivery time, so my parents have been busy guessing what it could be. I suspect because they are terrified they can’t say it! 

 They googled the top Boy names in Holland. Bram, Sem, Daan, Thijs, Jayden (wtf?)… anyway, they are campaigning for him to be called Bram. Bram is the name of my in-laws dog. Hmm. My neighbours daughter had a girl that weekend and named it Delila. I wasn’t quite sure I heard correctly so I started to break out the Tom Jones song and they nodded and agreed, yes that Delila!  My niece knows one word in Dutch, ‘Doei’ (good bye) so she is adamant the baby will be called Doei. However, for ease of a telling story and not calling the baby ‘Good bye’, let’s call my unborn baby boy Bram.

 Our friends little boy has just turned 5 and they want to get rid of all the baby stuff in the house to make way for older boy furniture. They wanted to do it last weekend as they were away later in the month. It is a little early to get all the furniture for the room and I have discovered I’m not quite confident about the whole thing. After spending hours on Pinterest and Utube I thought I had an idea on what I needed and what I should start buying. For example, last weekend I decided I must get organised and buy baby things so I went to our local department store. I became overwhelmed by everything and came away after 1 hour with two pairs of socks. So going from socks to an entire room full of stuff was a big step!

cute socks!
tall furniture in a small room


Therefore, last weekend we borrowed my husband’s brothers truck and my husband’s brother (thank god he was a carpenter) and went to pick everything up. We filled half of the truck and my car was full to the brim. It took 3 hours to load and unload things. It then took all afternoon to put things back together again. All the furniture had been made taller to fit Dutch people. That’s cool we’re tall too but it was a nightmare as it didn’t fit up the stairs! The boys did some creative carpentry mid-stairs to make it up into the bedroom. We have one room full and another one filled with things as well.

 I am so grateful as we haven’t had to buy anything major yet and it is not causing us to be super broke!! My company also gives me a free stroller, -bonus! 

 Whilst we were dumping stuff all around the house, my cat is increasingly getting agitated and not coping with the change. I often find her in Bram’s room clawing the change mat or sniffing around the cot. Her favourite spot to sleep is the stroller. It’s a worry as I’m sure she is the jealous type and we will have to watch her!

me and the cat!

 It’s lucky I have a few more months to get used to Bram’s room, get the nesting instinct.. and try again to go shopping! 



3 thoughts on “22 weeks and still ‘normal’.

  1. I’m about a week ahead of you, currently 23+4, and we also started this past week to organise things around house, and order/buy stuff for the baby. It freaked me out… “Isn’t this too early? What if something happens?” But after my organ scan on Thursday (done little late) showed everything going as it should, I relaxed… for time being… 😉 Free stroller is an awesome bonus!!


  2. It surely is reassuring! And thank you! 🙂 We have ordered the pram now, and a so-called baby box, which has baby clothes and stuff in it. Planning on doing a post on the box when it arrives… But that’s all at the moment. Although, we do need to get the stuff soon – at least order it – because my husband will be away a lot in the next two months.

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