bad taste

I’m waiting, again. Next week is my anatomy scan and I will get to find out if I am having a boy or a girl. I have had one scan last week where the little blighter was moving so much that the nurse couldn’t see a clear picture. So I have a long 6 days to wait. I have been keeping busy though..

DH and I worked out baby names and are prepared for either gender. However, if we had to choose, DH wants a girl and I want a boy. DH likes the idea of a daddy’s little girl and me, being the ultimate tom-boy likes the idea of kicking balls in the yard together. However, after having such a horrific time getting to be pregnant we are going to be super happy with any tiny little being, boy or girl. 

One good thing that happened this week was the arrival of my Bump. It took 19 weeks to get here but it seems to be progressing now! One bad thing is the itchy belly that goes with it? I thought after the intricacies of IVF and the palaver of Mothers for mothers (donating urine) I wouldn’t have more annoying bathroom time activities. Wrong! So now I am lathering up on Bio-oil twice daily. More to soothe the itches than deal with the potential stretch marks. 

Another unpleasant side effect is that my hair seems to grow everywhere. I have a blonde beard! How on earth do I get rid of this unsightly growth? I was getting a bikini-wax the other day and I was almost tempted to tell her to do my beard as well!  Do you think Doctors and Nurses see a women in labour and appreciate a nice wax down there? -I’m going back for another wax at 37 weeks just in case.

This week the baby has ears and can hear. Wow. Maybe I should start giving it a musical education? I used to be a music snob. I’m cringing as I write this, you know the type of person that would change the music at parties to something ‘better’? Now I live in a country where lyrics take a back seat to the melody and all I hear is pop-music. Currently as I drive to work I’m getting thrashed with Taylor Swift. I have become a fan?! From her smelly cat rendition with Lisa Kudrow to the fantastic names of her cats; Doctor Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson, my rating of her has gone up.. my, how the tables have turned! Unfortunately the baby will not be getting a high-brow musical education. (DH loves Armin van Buren, our baby will have no hope!)

Finally this week I have focused again on diet and exercise. I have a good diet, except for my sugar addiction, so I won’t bother putting energy into fixing it. I can always get excited about exercise so I was looking for a good circuit to do. I stumbled across an article that Michelle Bridges is pregnant. Michelle is an Aussie celebrity who is known for being the biggest loser trainer. -The Aussie version of Jillian. She also happens to be pregnant now at age 44.

Unfortunately she publicly credited her fertility with her health and fitness regime. Doh, This created a backlash amongst infertile women who are also fit and healthy because there is no link between fertility and fitness.  I have a lot to say about that, but that is for another blog. Instead I’ll leave you with a great workout from Michelle for pregnancy. J12 wbt pregnancy circuit



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