Cut the apron strings!

The other day I found out that I am going to be an overprotective slightly psychotic mother.  It all started with our cat, Suske. Sometimes called Monster due to the fact we have received gifts this summer of birds, mice, butterflies, and most recently two frogs. I can’t be mad as she is bringing these dismembered presents for us,image and she is so proud of herself.

We generally let her out every morning where she will walk the perimeter of our house to check everything is the same and no other cats have been there. Then she will jump on the back wall and peer into the neighbors living rooms. This takes 2 hours and then she comes in to sleep.

It’s holidays and all neighbors are away so we started letting Suske out at night.  That is until Friday night, when she didn’t come back.

6 hours went by and it was dark and past midnight.  I was wide awake all night in the hope I can hear the cat door open; I am definitely thinking the worst. Maybe she was hit by a car and is lying hurt on the side of the road. Maybe the neighbor with the fish poisoned her and she is choking on her own vomit somewhere, maybe the neighbors Alsatian ate her and they threw her in the wheelie bin?!

By 5 am I decided to turn to technology. Why oh why hasn’t somebody thought of an app called ‘find my cat’, just like ‘find my iPhone’ but it uses the microchip in the cat?

Dear Google “what to do when your cat goes missing”… Google replies if the cat is not dead, it’s usually in a 5 house radius of your house. You must start searching quickly!

I was half dressed in PJ’s and flip flops, fixated on dark bushes randomly calling Suske like I had Tourette’s. I am glad it was 5.45am and no one was about.
I get to house number 5 in the radius from my house. Sure enough it is a vision of ‘Catopia’. It has a wild garden complete with bird houses and a pond. (Obviously the home of the late frogs).

I hear rustling and I spot her! just like the movies we run together and embrace. Then I find myself holding her for dear life whilst saying to her:

Where have you been, I’ve been worried sick!

Did you not think to let us know your whereabouts!

I thought you were lying in a gutter somewhere!

Woah hold up..I sound just like my mother when I was a teenager and out late!  My cat is technically a teenager  too.  When do you learn to let go and trust their actions?  This incident was with my cat, what am I going to do with my kids??





5 thoughts on “Cut the apron strings!

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I had cats and you definitely have that worry about them when they’re out. I now only worry about the dog and I’m happy he can’t go out on his own! 😍

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      1. Yeah, that’s why we got the dog we got (one that doesn’t need a lot of exercise). And start as you mean to go on. He’s used to us going to work but then gets constant attention when we are back, and walks. He seems quite happy! Just sleeps during the day.

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