Pregnancy Yoga

Yesterday I was excited as I thought I would go to a Yoga lesson for the first time in 4 years. Now that I am pregnant I figured my normal exercise routine should slow down a little and I should embrace the yoga class, -chants, breathing and all.

I am not new to yoga, in fact I have tried just about all forms of yoga from hatha to Ashtanga, to hot/bikram to gym class-yoga, to celebrity yoga. Celebrity is what I called it because of the super yoga obsessed celebrities that attended the practice at Bondi Beach.

Now I live in a small village in the middle of Holland and my expectations of what sort of class it was going to be wasn’t too high. I chose an Ashtanga class due to more intense movement and minimal breathing and meditating. DH came along as he is wanting to get me off the couch in the evenings and wants to find something that we can do together. DH is super fit but flexibility and coordination is not his strong point.  Yoga would at least be entertaining for me watching DH try for the first time!

We rocked up to an old converted church hall and were greeted by the stereotypical yoga teacher. She was 6 foot tall with long blonde dreads piled on top of her head. She looked like she had been backpacking around India for a few years. In no uncertain terms and with the most intensely focused blue eyes, she told me the class was no good for me because there is too much deep movement and poses that I should not attempt to do after 4 years of not practicing. I was intimidated by the Amazonian yogi but I had dragged myself off the couch for this, and I had taken DH, so I meekly told her I knew my limits and would modify poses if they felt wrong.

It turns out the class was awesome and definitely intense. There are now things I cannot do at 15 weeks. Even with a ‘no-bump’ I can still feel something in my belly. I can’t bend forward deeply or twist. I can’t do upward facing dog and basically any floor exercise! So I found myself modifying a good third of the class. DH was frustrated that he can’t balance on 1 leg and his flexibility holds him back, but overall he was pumped to go to another class. So we have decided to join for the summer and do a less intense course. This way he will be able to master poses before he has to do them in a ‘flow’ and I can basically sit on the floor and breathe and try not to fart!



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