Food for thought

Today I am 15 weeks pregnant.  This is a small celebration for me as this is the 5th time I am pregnant and the first time I have made it beyond 14.3 weeks.  What this calls for and what I really want, is a nice big glass of red wine and a cheese board to snack from! but alas I’m drinking water and eating cherries..ok and biscuits and this yummy brioche stuff!

Yes, I ate the other half
Yes, I ate the other half

It is fair to say I’m obsessed with eating and at 15 weeks I should have some sort of bump happening but I just seem to be expanding in other places..(T&A!)  Friends tentatively ask if I’m showing but its clear I have no bump in the right place!   I have long limbs and a long body.  This makes it hard to buy tops as they are never really long enough but obviously my body is long enough to push all organs out of the way and hide a baby.  Pregnancy could be the one time in my life my body is purpose-built.. it is the perfect frame for child bearing!

General guidelines state I should be putting on 0.5 kilos a week, or 2 kilos a month after month 3.  Im too scared to stand on the scales at home but I’m sure I have put on 2 kilos already.  Im still holding back on buying new clothes and I probably need a new bra but some part of me is still scared this isn’t really going to happen, so I just wait, and eat.  (I’ll take the reactive approach to purchasing maternity clothes).

In Australia there is a long list of food I can’t eat. (I’m from down under) They suggest if you can’t wash and prepare all fruit and vegetables yourself then don’t eat them. One study wondered why there was an increase in obese pregnant women.  Doctors then deduced women chose food like fried chicken/hamburgers and chips as opposed to lean chicken and salad as this was deemed ‘safer’.   I’m glad in Europe the list is shorter and less restrictive.  -Just the usual listeria-prone foods that I don’t love anyway.

My no-bump means I can order anything I want at a restaurant without others giving me a tut-tut look.  (notice how many people are free to dish out any advice they want when they know you are pregnant?)  I am a bit blase on my eating as I still have ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch all the time.  For some reason I rationalise the fact that I don’t smoke or drink (now), or have more than 1 coffee a day.  Surely I’m doing enough to change my diet?

I just found out that custard and cookie dough is on the don’t eat list in the U.S. Doh: that briochy stuff had loads of custard?!.


2 thoughts on “Food for thought

  1. Custard? What can be wrong with that as long as it is pasteurised milk and all cooked properly?! Huge congrats on reaching this big milestone for you 😉 and now I really want some brioche too! Doh.


  2. Thanks! They say custard must be cooked well to avoid getting salmonella from the eggs. I’m hungry again too and I have finished all the bad food in the house !


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