community service

I’ve started this new program called Mothers for Mothers.  I thought I had signed up for all the right reasons of giving back to the community but I’m locked in now, and it’s just gross!  In short, you give your urine to the local pharma company and they do research to help other mothers who are having trouble getting pregnant.

Let me give you some background..  100 years ago a plucky individual in my village saw that the local meat factory (Unox) were throwing away a lot of animal waste.  He asked for the organs and started research on possible medicines to make.  It grew so big he started a company, Organon.  Lets fast forward a 100 years and the small company is now a three-letter-acronym-pharma with its biggest seller being the contraceptive pill.

Our village is so proud of this conglomerate that they erected a monument to honour it.  Outside the train station is a 14 metre long pill packet!:

I’ll translate for you..the 14 meter long pill packet has 21 lights.  One light will glow each day for 21 days, then for 7 days all lights will glow red!!!

The meat works has long since shut down but the pharma has continued to employ half of the village, including my husband for the last 15 years.  It makes such medicines as marvelon, implanon and puregon.  Sorry my fellow IVFers -Did the mention of puregon send a slight chill down your spine, like it did mine?

So half of our friends and the village work there and it is responsible for providing me stimming meds for IVF.  Therefore I should be happy and proud to donate my urine to Mothers for Mothers, but frankly I’m over the rigmarole of not being able to have a normal toilet session at home.

A normal toilet session doesnt involve weeing on sticks, popping progesterone bullets, or peeing into a white jug for Mothers for Mothers.  I have been provided with a crate of large blue plastic milk jugs.  I now pee into a white jug and then pour it into the big blue jug.  When I fill a crate I leave it at the front door for the man to pick up the crate.  It’s just like the milk man in the old days, except he takes full jugs and gives me empties!

My urine is only good til 16 weeks as then the HCG level is not so high.  Im pleased Im 11 weeks pregnant.   5 more weeks and then finally I may have a normal toilet session!!!


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