10 weeks tomorrow and ‘normal’

It’s fair to say I’m a little anxious all is going ok, so I have tag-teamed the doctor and mid-wife to get the maximum number of scans in! (gives me peace of mind).

I had my third scan yesterday! This time at the hospital with the doctor.  I have not been to the doctor since I became pregnant.  However, he did perform my three scans to check my ovaries before I had a frozen embryo transfer.  I get the feeling he is exasperated with me and my questions, anyway..  he came in to the office and said “so it didn’t work, is that why you are here?”

For my last pregnancies I was having genetic tests at another hospital so I am used to going there instead of the closer hospital, or mid-wife.  I am not having genetic tests this time so I am unsure of the system in Holland and whether I should be seeing the doctor or mid-wife , or both? Best to try both and see what happens!

The nice doctor, recovering from his surprise that I was pregnant, basically told me that I should be seeing the mid-wife for the whole pregnancy except if I have a ‘not-normal’ pregnancy.

I told him I was having trouble breathing at night and after walking up the stairs.  I insisted it feels not-normal! He dismissed it as normal, (no bp test..) and then said “I’ll see you in 30 weeks”.  At this point I was getting frustrated with the attitude here ‘pregnancy is not a medical condition’ (most births here were home births here 10-15 years ago).  So I asked him for no particular reason at all except to annoy him.. what if I choose for a cesarean birth? when should I organise it?  he said 30 weeks.. I said, I’ll see you in 20 weeks then 🙂


5 thoughts on “10 weeks tomorrow and ‘normal’

  1. I read that shortness of breath is something common in pregnancy especially near start of 2nd trimester. My pregnancy book says its only a concern and to see GP if it’s really hard to breathe or if your lips or fingertips are going a bit blue, or if you have any chest pain too.


  2. Oh wow! I didn’t realise that this might be a pregnancy thing. I thought it was allergies as I usually have hayfever at this time. Most of the sneezing has calmed down but I am having trouble breathing and I’m using my inhaler a lot. (I never have to use it apart from during hayfever season.) I wonder if it could be to do with the pregnancy? I hope you feel better soon. That doc sounds like a pain!


    1. Yes it definitely could be the pregnancy. I read that asthma flares up sometimes when you are pregnant but increased use of the inhaler doesn’t cause problems. Then again all my friends with hay-fever are complaining at the moment!


      1. Yes, the doc cleared me to use the inhaler but no antihistamines! I’m just wheezing a lot. I wouldn’t say I actually have asthma – I just get wheezy during hayfever season. But you’re right – everyone has hayfever now! I think everyone is suffering.


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