5 things to celebrate in the first trimester.

1. Big Boobs.  My boobs, normally a size C have shot straight back to where I left off pregnancy last time.  They have now got to a porn star D.  I notice people obviously staring at my chest now.

I hope they stop growing as it makes it particulary difficult to do normal things.  For example walking up the stairs requires a few seconds of chest heaving pain at the top.  Running requires two bras and I’m considering wearing two for a long walk now.

I’m celebrating that it is only the 1st trimester for me now!  A good friend who is the same size as me, told me she went for a bra fitting whilst 5 months pregnant. The old lady measured her and announced she would need a size E bra.  My friend sat down in the cubicle and cried.

I used google to self diagnose myself with ‘pregnancy rhinitus’.  Mainly because I cant sleep on my side anymore because I cant breathe properly.  I am starting to wonder if my boobs could actually suffocate me?!

2. A new love of crap tv.  I am watching the 11th season of House.  How could the same diagnostic story be repeated for this many years?  I find myself guessing the medical problem before they do.. “Could be a tumour, maybe its kidney failure, no it’s Lupus!!”  I celebrate these small wins because I cant seem to move from the couch in the evenings.  I am now watching this stuff all the time.  Thank god we have HBO now, I have more options than House, CSI (Vegas 🙂 )and My Kitchen Rules.

3.  The Bloat.  My once atheletic body can only be described as curvey.  *See number 1.  I feel sick before eating, and after eating I feel sick and bloated.

4. Sick.  But this is a good sign, it means I’m pregnant.  Wahoo!!

5. The blog world followers who are also pregnant! so many people at once to share their experiences 🙂



3 thoughts on “5 things to celebrate in the first trimester.

  1. Ha! I am with you on all of them apart from the athleticism (I gave that up ages ago when I moved to London for the awful corporate slog) and the sickness… I’m hoping not being sick isn’t a bad sign! I hope we both feel better soon!

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    1. I’m sure not being sick isn’t a bad sign. I can’t read anything anymore with pregnancy! I’m sure corporate work is not healthy. I commute 2-3 hours a day, then sit for 8 hours! I feel awful at the end of the day.

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      1. Yeah, until the past few weeks I was working 18 hours a day! Not kidding! I was absolutely exhausted. Happily the project from hell has just about finished so at least I have some semblance of a life now! I used to commute that far – it’s a killer! I feel your pain!

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