Today I want to post something lighter. I read my last post to my husband* and he was shocked at the grizzly depressing post. He even described it to his brother that evening and they all decided I can’t have ‘bad humour’ as I may pass the humour to the baby. It’s good to point out now they’re Dutch and English is not their first language.

There was nothing amusing in my last rant and my husband’s family can’t read English so it dawned on me that my bad humour was lost in translation. Bad humour is the literal translation for the Dutch expression ‘in a bad mood’. For example, when you have bad humour in the morning you are not a morning person. After a few metaphors about what they thought I should be feeling this pregnancy, I have decided they want me to have a ‘mindful pregnancy’. Oh dear if they knew my thoughts towards meditation etc they will know that this is a concept I am open to,  but find it hard to accept.

Da Hubby’s bro gave me a pregnancy book called ‘Dikke Dik’. Another wonderful Dutch name that seems so harmless in Dutch but can cause some embarrassing moments in English.**  Dikke Dik is a cute fat pussy cat. Which is an illustrated book to write down your feelings/appointments/stick photos in etc All to help me become mindful 🙂

It looks like a kids book with the kitty pictures everywhere. It seemed pitched at the right level for my Dutch.

My cat, affectionately called ‘Monster’.*** Must have been a little bit angry at seeing this new book with Dikke Dik being passed around. I think she has been plotting revenge for a few days to remind us who is boss. This morning she pushed through the cat door a huge black bird, played with it and left the poor thing in the kitchen as a present for my DH (he deserves the darling for cleaning that up!). Carnage! There were feathers everywhere. Perhaps I can be mindful and scrapbook Dikke Dik with the feathers now 🙂



*I still can’t bring myself to write DH. Would you believe I though DH was some sort of American reference like ‘Da Hubby’. Now that I know it is ‘Darling Husband’ I can’t bring myself to write it without sounding out DARLING HUSBAND.   Not that he isn’t darling.. but it is not something I’d normally say.

**Other innocuous and very common Dutch names I find hard not to smile at are: Ruud, Freek and Bente, Did I mention my gynecologist was called Dr Kok?

***Did you know monster means ‘sample’ in Dutch. Da hubby had to produce a ‘semen monster’!


Monster and Dikke Dik
Monster and Dikke Dik



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