F*#k, is it another miscarriage?

At 6 weeks, I started to wonder where my pregnancy symptoms were.  All my other pregnancies I have been as sick as dog on week 5. The only other time I felt nothing, I miscarried at 8 weeks.  I started to wonder if the doctor mixed up my blood test results?  So I took a pregnancy test (yes I can’t believe I hadn’t done that yet!) and it was positive…  Hmmm chemical pregnancy?  Super early miscarriage?

I have consulted Aunt Google and now my paranoia is in overdrive.  However, one little thing gives me hope…  I never had any symptoms that suddenly stopped.  There were many mummies who felt nothing the whole way through and they were told they were ‘lucky’.  I have one week to wait to find out if I am indeed Lucky.  Until I see a heartbeat I will assume the worst. 

The problem with an overseas IVF adventure is the amount of people that want to know the result at 5 weeks.  I have been telling people that I won’t know for a few weeks.  I am well aware of the dangers of telling people before the 12 week mark.  I was unaware but my husband is telling people it’s positive.  I am livid as yesterday a waitress I barely know congratulated us.  Then I received a card in the mail with a soft toy. OMG.  Do I give it back if the scan confirms I’m not pregnant?  

Until next week I’ll try to block all this paranoia out – and avoid people and the letterbox.



5 thoughts on “F*#k, is it another miscarriage?

  1. I’m almost 9 weeks and not many symptoms but everything is progressing fine (scan at 7 weeks and strong heartbeat). I think we are just the lucky ones!! All the very best xoxo


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