Having a ‘Plan B’

When on the baby making roller coaster I have discovered it is vital to have a plan B.  What will I do in case I don’t get pregnant this month? How will I distract my thoughts from babies and blogs to doing other things.   In a couple of days I get to do the pregnancy test and find out if I need to make use of Plan B.

Luckily my plan B formulated whilst on holiday in Portugal.   My holiday reading books included ‘Wild’, (movie with Reece Witherspoon and a backpack).  I couldn’t help but be inspired by her hiking trip down the Pacific Coast trail in the west of America.  Not that I’d go camping and walk alone… But more the adventure of it.

Fueled by custard tarts and espressos I was walking up to a hilltop church when I came across this:

I’ve never heard of it either! But it’s a 220k walk from just south of Lisbon to the Algarve.  You don’t need to camp and best of all I can cycle it!  Plan B is coming along..

Then another plan B came whilst shopping! My manager called me and said two senior people resigned at my work this week.   Basically I’d been sticking around in a job I didn’t like because I thought I’d get pregnant and use the maternity leave.  I kept telling myself that It is hard to get a full time job when you don’t speak the language of your country and live in a town far from where the work is.   However, I’ve been telling myself this for 2 years now.  Now that these people are leaving, there is no one to steer the ship and its sinking.  -Getting a new job has become the priority. (Plan A from plan B! )


One thought on “Having a ‘Plan B’

  1. You go girl! I’m totally with you on the job front. I feel like I need to know what’s happening before I make another plan! I’m pretty bad at planning anyway and just sort of react to things that happen! Your plan sounds great… I’ve always thought about going on an epic journey, but think I lack survival skills…

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