6 things I hate about baby making 

1. Weight gain.  Whether it’s the meds or the comfort eating, I can’t avoid it.

2. It’s not fair!  My pity party is getting old, I need to feel happy for Kate and her 2nd baby Charlott,e.

3. Waiting.  I’m always on a TWW! Sometimes it seems I’m wishing my life away.

4. Avoidance.  I think I’m becoming a social recluse, it’s easier than having to see and talk about kids!  Besides, I’m sure my friends that are mothers find it easier too.

5. No vices.  I would kill for a drink of red every night after work, more than a couple of coffees a day and to do excessive exercise.  I’m not very good with moderation, let alone abstaining from anything.

6. Loss of control.  My obsessive planning habit can not flourish.  My life is in limbo, I can’t plan a cycling holiday or accept a new job.  see number 3, generally followed by number 1!


5 thoughts on “6 things I hate about baby making 

  1. I feel ya, sister! Although I have to confess I haven’t given up coffee or wine. And I haven’t taken up pilates or yoga or clean eating or whatever. My rationale for this is that everyone I know who’s had a baby hasn’t given up any of these! (I have cut down on the wine, but not completely abstained… Nobody at the hospital told me to. And I need coffee in the morning or I’d fall asleep!)
    I’m with you on the avoiding babies though. It’s hard to avoid them totally as everyone seems to have one!
    Why not plan a cycling holiday? Pretty sure you’re allowed to cycle when preggers!


    1. To be honest I havent totally abstained from everything! Especially if I’m not pregnant or on the two week wait. Then everything is allowed 🙂
      The first pregnancy I was really good; No alcohol, one coffee a day and I tried to do yoga/acupuncture/pregnancy eating etc But I have realised that this is what makes others feel better, not me. Im bored shitless in yoga/meditation/acupuncture! It causes more stress about thinking what I need to do after the hour of boredom then it is worth. Currently I’m on the two week wait and as we have spent a lot of money on this TWW I feel I need to make more of an effort for the damn thing to implant! If, (that is a huge ‘if’) I am pregnant then it isnt a good idea to be cycling up mountains in the second trimester. Although I wouldnt change anything you do until you are pregnant!

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      1. Hahaha I am so like you! 🙂 I can’t be bothered with all the meditation and stuff, especially not positive affirmations (I would feel like a wally!). I believe that if it’s going to happen, a glass of wine or a pizza isn’t going to stop it. I mean most of my friends’ babies have been conceived whilst rather tipsy! I’m sure I will have to behave properly on the TWW though, if we get that far. I really hope everything goes well for your TWW and you have a positive result at the end of it! 🙂


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