Tick tock.. I can’t sit still

Tomorrow I find out if any of my thawed embies have normal chromosomes and are able to be transferred.  What is the chance that 3 embryos that go in for biopsy on day 3 will be ok for transfer on day 5?

This is doing my head in! 

My husband and I are stressed, the stress is bought on by the fact we will arrive in Spain tomorrow to be told one hour later if we have any good eggs for transfer.   We are trying everything to not think about it.

I have been working hard trying to bury myself in excel formulas in order to not think about the transfer.  My husband is clearly on a mission to avoid thinking; his cycling and running has increased twofold.  My cat is even moping about the house crying as she can see a packed bag ready for the trip.  The atmosphere here isn’t great.

All this stressing brings on eating, we have eaten everything in the house.  My husband is hungry because he’s burning much more than he can eat and I’m just reaching for the comfort food whilst working.  (oh dear I envisage a gestational diabetes problem developing..)

 I need to do three things:

-stop eating

-channel my inner zen and try to sleep tonight. 

-buy the book ‘how I gave up sugar’ at the airport tomorrow.




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