FET med overload

Yesterday I found out that I can go to the clinic for a frozen embryo transfer on Thursday.  Hallelujah, I can stop waiting.

It’s been 8 months of waiting.. First the clinic had to develop a genetic test for us and then my initial IVF cycle was put on hold due to finding a cyst at harvest time.  All of this cost me the small sum of 14,000 euro.  On Thursday after they have thawed the eggs and tested for diseases they will call me and tell me if any are good for transfer.  In which case I’d have to get the clinic immediately.  

This would be a lot easier if I lived in Spain where the clinic is.   I’m living and working in the Netherlands and  trying to get a month-end off work when you work in Finance is near impossible.  Then we have to pay twice the price for last minute airfares.  So we drop everything and go to spain and spend two days there for the possibility that there is 1 good egg to transfer.  What if there isn’t?  Will I enjoy 2 days in the sun after losing all that time and money?  I doubt it! Perhaps I’ll deal with it like the other 4 failures… Plenty of alcohol.  (dont judge me, it’s how I cope!).  One good thing would be going off the medication!  Going to Spain and having no good embies is definitely the worst case scenario.

However, the best case scenario also has a bad side! if this works then I’ll need a shitload more medication.  Currently I’m taking 6mg of estrogen a day and 800mg progesterone.  If I get to transfer day, I’ll take these meds over the two week wait.  If I get pregnant I’ll take this combo til week 12.  I don’t know anyone who has had 800mg of progesterone a day.  Friends who took 300mg said they were dripping like a tap.  Gross.  What is 800mg going to feel like?  I’m going to need a nappy!


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