FET prep part 2

Day 9 of estrogen tablets.  The FET is hopefully in 9 days.

I have been lying in bed for the last 4 days with a cold.  All symptoms I had experienced in my last post which I had attributed to taking estradiol can be ignored!  I managed to get this cold from my husband and when he was in the thick of it, I chastised him for having a man-flu!  He even ran a marathon feeling this crap.  I now have a new found respect for his Dutch toughness.  

In the Netherlands you can’t buy cold and flu tablets in the chemist.  If you go to the doctor you must be on deaths door to get antibiotics.  It’s not worth the hassle to go to the doctor, so most people tough it out at home with home remedies.  Honey and garlic concoctions, massage etc…  These people are tough! 

On the flip side, It is also quite normal that people take a week off work without a doctors certificate for a cold.  This was so strange to me coming from Australia where you need a certificate for everything.  You can also take up to 6 months off work for a ‘burn out’.  Relax, your job is held for you until you feel better! A burn out can be everything from mild stress, minor sickness, to a nervous break down.  You also get 5 weeks holiday a year and most women work part time.  Maybe you can only be this tough if you don’t work too hard? 

So I’m upping my dose of estradiol today.  3x 2mg a day.  I’m trying not to take too many cold and flu pills as I hope they don’t interact with the estrogen.  (I drove to Germany to get cold and flu pills!).  Is it possible the flu pills that break down the mucus in my nasal cavity will effect my cervical mucus??!  I can’t believe I’m thinking like this.  It’s time to channel the Dutch and take no cold and flu pills and tough it out for another day on the couch.


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