FET prep

The stars have not aligned for me.. After 4 failed pregnancies I chose to do IVF with PGD.  At the egg collection stage the doctors found a cyst to be removed.  After waiting another 2 months for me to heal I am now starting the meds in preparation for a frozen embryo transfer.  I am having IVF treatment in Spain but I am doing the prep work in the Netherlands. 

Step 1, 10 days before my period I was to get a scan to check my ovaries were in repose, with no cysts.  Then I was allowed the intramuscular injection of Decapeptyl.  

My Dutch doc always seems in a state of confusion why I am having certain medications and asks me why I am having them.  I am wondering if he is testing me on my research or if his general aversion to any medication makes him question the methods used.  I convince him to  give me the injection.

Decapeptyl 3.75mg, puts you in a temporary state of menopause to regulate you for the FET.  I had no side effects except a tender bum cheek from the injection!

Step 2.  9 days later my period arrives and I go for the second base scan.  All is good, the lining is thin and follicles are small.  Time to start Estradiol.  I have googled estrogen side effects and scared myself shitless.  20 days of headaches, tiredness,  dizziness and general listlessness!  Hmm.

Day 2 estradiol.  I’m standing at the petrol station at 5am trying to enter my PIN in the keypad but I’m so dizzy I’m struggling.  WTF?! Was it the 4am wake up or is it the estrogen?  10 seconds later it is over . 

Day 4 Estradiol.  I haven’t had any more dizzy episodes but hello headaches and diarrhea.  I am not thrilled with this hormone.

Day 6.  Omg.  Last night I took the estradiol and a dissolvable aspirin together.   Within 1 hour I was on the toilet with explosive diarrhea.  I also fainted.  I hit my head on the shower door and my husband had to clean up the mess.  Mental note: never take that combination again! 

I have to up the dose of the estradiol in 4 days to another 2mg at lunch.  I need to draw strength from somewhere..


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