PGD medical tourism

The law in the Netherlands won’t let us get IVF.  More specifically, the ethics committee in the Netherlands would not allow us to do IVF/ PGD for our genetic disease.  Therefore we must go overseas.

The websites for ‘medical tourism’ were abundant and we could choose from several countries, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Belgium and Thailand.  It was hard not to imagine a beach holiday, with IVF!  I could narrow it down to three countries.. Spain, Hungary and Belgium.  
I was hoping for Belgium, not for the beach but I read a lot of people from the UK go to Brussels free for IVF there.  It was also close to home.  I emailed IVF centers in all three countries hoping that all three would be able to do PGD for us.  I figured we would choose the best and cheapest.

 Belgium decided they couldn’t do it as they had the same ethics committee as The Netherlands.  Hungary didn’t reply to my PGD questions, or any questions.. So Spain it was. 

My friend is now raising twins thanks to a successful trip to Institute Marques in Barcelona.  I was close to picking them but I needed to use low cost flights to Spain in case we needed multiple trips.  I settled on IVI Spain in Alicante.

Their international department answered my queries on the same day!  In august 2014 we went to Alicante for the first interview.  It was very efficient and professional.  blood tests check, sperm and scan check, and 2 hours later it was over.  Not before handing over €2,000 for them to develop a PGD test for us -with no guarantee they can find one.  It was a different experience to going to the doctors in the Netherlands.
In the Netherlands I am always presented with poor statistics about IVF from Doctors and I generally come away from all appointments with expectations of doom, gloom and failure.  For two years this philosophy has been true to its word.  Therefore my expectations of success in Spain were poor.
In October we were advised IVI had developed a test and we could start.. It was finally time to start the meds!  I had a prescription for Spanish medication from IVI and I purchased Dutch drugs in the Netherlands and I watched utube on how to inject myself! 

Next stop Alicante.


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