Clomid, success!

After nearly 8 months of two week waits, I was getting frustrated.  It was time to go to the Doctor and get Clomid.  After googling everything I could over clomid I noticed I was very green compared to my american counterparts on terminology and what meds I should be taking to get pregnant.  I was totally missing out.  I had one problem, I had to go to a Dutch Doctor to get it prescribed. 

 Going to a doctor in the Netherlands has been the subject of many comedy sketches.  They are notorious for never giving you medication and always sending you home to sleep off your ailment for a few more days.  So I went to the doctor armed with my best arguments.  I described all the reasons why I needed clomid to Dr Kok. Yes seriously, Dr Kok.  He then proceeded to tell me that they dont start medical intervention to get pregnant in Holland until after 2 years of trying unsuccessfully.  I wasnt surprised, as it wasnt that long ago that home births in Holland were 50% of all births.  I was beginning to feel defeated so I tried my trump card,  I cried. 

2 minutes later I walked out of Dr Koks office with a prescription for Clomid.  Its called Clomifeencitraat here and I had 50mg tablets.  The first tablet I took in the morning of day 3 of the cycle.  It gave me the worst headache, I  just made it through the day without painkillers.  I decided to take the second tablet at night before bedtime so the headaches could happen during the night.

The next 5 days were a mixture of headaches and hot flushes.  The only respite being a run or light exercise to distract me from feeling sorry for  myself.  I am pretty happy as there was no weight gain from clomid. I only experienced  headaches and random sweating.  

Was it worth it? yes!- pregnant, check.


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